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Brian Casel – Productize Business Ebooks – Course , Sales – Marketing , SEO Web Traffic – Design By Princess April 15, 2015 Leave a comment Break Free of Billable Hours.

Productize Crash Course with Brian Casel Brian Casel – Productize. Dec 28, 2014 . Productize.

Break Free of Billable Hours.

I’m Brian Casel. Here’s the story of how I transitioned out of.

Brian Casel is founder of Restaurant Engine, a productized web design service for restaurants. He also teaches consultants how to launch and build a productized service through his course, Productize. Brian Casel was billing by the hour and chained to his business. “I’d just kind of fell into.

Whether you're interested in launching your own productized service (a.k.a. productized consulting) or you're already growing one, Brian Casel interviews successful entrepreneurs who are using the Productized Service model to launch and sustain thriving businesses—Without trading dollars for hours!

But Brian Casel now teaches us how to productize our service. Listen as Brian teaches how to systematize your service with the help of VA’s. Long time VA’s user Brian has some great tips that will save you time and money when working with VA’s. Thanks Brian!