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#SotoventuresSales: "3 Cold Email Tips" from Heather Morgan, CEO at #SalesFolk Prospect.io – The Ultimate Cold Email Course; Klenty : Cold Emailing/Cold Email Templates;.

Answered Oct 3, 2017 · Author has 237 answers and 220.6k answer views. What’s the best source to learn about cold emailing? Blogs and articles about cold emailing has mushroomed in recent years.

Anything from Heather Morgan and SalesFolk. Human’s.

Salesfolk is a company that helps B2B companies sell more effectively by improving their messaging through cold email, and based on their expertise, Morgan advises the following: “Sending 8 emails is typically the magic number because it’s just persistent enough without being too irritating.

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Engaging ‘Dream Customers’ in a whole new way – Heather R. Morgan. 00:00 / 00:00. 1x.

How Heather Morgan went from sending letters to her favorite children’s.

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