Igor Ledochowski – Hypnotherapy Business Method 2019

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My name is Igor Ledochowski and, as a master hypnotist and co-owner of a worldwide hypnosis training company, I’ve seen and used some of the most advanced client attraction and business building strategies ever invented.

From: Igor Ledochowski. Igor LedochowskiOn this webpage you will be shown a simple, proven and systematic 5 STEP process for helping as many people as you wish to through your own highly successful hypnosis practice. The kind of integrity-based hypnosis practice that will be FUN to be involved in, financially stable and sustainable and.

This is the most fantastic course if you are involved in Hypnotherapy or Interested in building a Hypnotherapy Business. This is part of a Hypnosis business course I attended! Probably the best Hypnosis business course out there I guess. If you want to get ahead in business you need to fully understand Hypnosis in a business context.

Hypnosis Demonstration With Igor Ledochowski: Conversational RevivificationThat way you’ll have the same Conversational Hypnosis Professional Hypnotherapy Certification as Karsten Kuestner (who will be training and certifying you at the live event) and myself (Igor Ledochowski).

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy is a healing art based on scientific methods. Only basic hypnotherapy theory can be obtained from the right books or videos. Effectiveness is unlikely without live demonstrations, in-depth and advanced discussion, question and answer opportunities and supervised clinical practice.

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