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Jim Ward brings back Sparta for Downtown concert – Original members Ward and bassist Matt Miller re.

Pullen is the program director for the El Paso Community Foundation and.

a previous co-chair of the presidential oral history program at the Miller Center of Public Affairs at the University of Virg.

In addition to leading bands and playing the trombone, Glenn Miller composed music or lyrics to a number of songs. These and others were recorded by Miller with his pre-war civilian bands and his Army Air Force band.

New Study: CS For All Is More Inclusive When Students Understand Computing Careers – "Those charged with postsecondary readiness and student transitions often don’t understand the tech career opportunities beyond a software developer.

computer science," said Alison Derbenwick Mille.

But I digress.

Retail Apocolypse, Fact or Fiction. I’ve touched on this topic quite a bit over the past year. When I’ve walked around a number of different cities and towns this year, it is clear to me there are a lot more vacant storefronts.

The Miller Dowel 2X is designed for joining wood up to 1 5/8” thick. The wide variety of dowels gives woodworkers the opportunity to blend similar woods or design.

Pratt & Miller’s benefits program is a solid investment in our team members. We offer a comprehensive benefits program for all eligible employees.

The Miller Law Firm is proud to announce that six of its attorneys have been named in The Best Lawyers® in America for 2019. Best Lawyers® is the oldest and a highly respected peer review guide to the legal profession worldwide.