Laura Cornell – Divine Feminine Yoga Telesummit 2015 Download

Laura Cornell – Divine Feminine Yoga Telesummit 2015 Download 4 out of 5 based on 12 ratings.

Join us as Laura Cornell, Founder of Divine Feminine Yoga, shares her experience of how Ayurveda has supported her through many stages of her life: first, as a young school teacher, then while working with private yoga clients and now, a successful business owner and yoga teacher mentor.

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Share your insights and learning, and receive the guidance and encouragement of our coaches plus a global community of Divine Feminine Yoga teachers and other conscious healers. Post your marketing materials for feedback and get your questions answered.

This sacred dance and movement group is offered by Certified Qoya Instructor Laura Farmer. Qoya is a dance and movement practice that is rooted in yoga tradition, expressive dance, and the Divine Feminine.

Andrew will present three great sacred practices that help anyone connect with the Divine feminine at their core.

Heart Yoga: The.

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Unlimited access to all 9 Divine Feminine Yoga Interviews with the world’s leading experts in women’s financial empowerment through yoga in downloadable Mp3 format.

Full scholarship to the Sacred Business Woman Retreat, San Francisco Bay Area, November 2015. ($997 value) Bonus #2: Workshop Makeover Jumpstart.

Laura Cornell, PhD.

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guru rasa von werder's teachings on matriarchy, female empowerment, the feminine divine, yoga, christianity, mystical union, the beatific vision, self realization, enlightenment, visions and her dictionary of dream symbols.

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